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 I believe that we’re each sacred and our life stories are mythic. 

My Core Beliefs

  • You have a gift that the world needs

  • You have the power and the tools to transform your life with the right support

  •  Your body often knows your truth before your mind does

  • Your thoughts create your reality

  •  You are needed

White Sheet

How I work

 When we get to a place when the desire to change our circumstances outweighs our fear, we’re ready to begin the journey.

I create safe nonjudgemental spaces for people to explore issues that are impacting their lives; in order for them to rediscover their true nature and live awakened meaningful lives. 

I see my clients through an holistic lens and use a variety of tools and techniques to help them move past limiting beliefs, negative self talk/concept, into goal accomplishment and thriving.

I consider myself a fearless advocate for each of my clients, bringing my full presence into each session, and carrying that through our coaching relationship. 

White Sheet


Fundamentally my purpose is to create spaces for healing. My inclination is to create an energetic space that encourages everything that I interact with to move into alignment with its essential nature. 


My perspective is informed by the dis-ease that is rampant in our culture, pointing us to a return to connection.


I believe that all things are connected in a physical and energetic way; and that as we come into awareness of the interwoven threads that connect all things, we are called to live a more awakened and intentional life.

Things I love:

  • Nature

  • Animals

  • Playing

  • Learning new things

  • Walking the edge

  • Deep conversations

  • Meditation & breath work

  • Messages from Spirit


Things I know about:

  • Spiritual awakenings

  • Shadow

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • Communication

  • Depression, anxiety, substance abuse

  • Organization, goal setting, & goal accomplishment

White Sheet

Check out my podcasts: Another Way To See It & Wherever It Takes Us- available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google.

White Sheet


White Sheet


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